Alberto Ramire LEG

Alberto Ramirez is a spanish painter who specialises in large scale portraits of famous people. Alberto is currently living and working in Berlin. His work is concentrated on the portrayal of the individual in modern day society and issues of anonymity and privacy in the 21st century.


  • Moderna Museet. Malmö. SWEDEN (30 th September)
  • Gallery Scandinavia. Stockholm. SWEDEN (13 th May)
  • Gallery Scandinavia. Goteborg. SWEDEN (22 th April)
  • Galeria La Musa Art Lounge. Panama City. PANAMA (6 th April)


  • Under Construction HAG. Eindhoven. HOLLAND
  • Artistry & Co Gallery. Panama City. PANAMA


  • Gallery Scandinavia. Goteborg. SWEDEN
  • Alliance Françoise. Panama City. PANAMA
  • Pop International Galleries. New York. USA 


  • Weil Art Gallery. Panama City. PANAMA
  • Galleri Scandinavia. Goteborg. SWEDEN


  • De Kounstbeur Ann De Westeiderplassen. Aalsmeer. HOLLAND
  • Galerie Sous-Terre. Lithoijen. HOLLAND
  • Vasa Konsthall. Goteborg. SWEDEN


  • De Kounstbeur Van Het Oosten. Nijverdal. HOLLAND
  • Gallerie Beseda. Ostrava. CHECH REPUBLIC
  • Galleri Scandinavia. Goteborg. SWEDEN



  • Hürtig / Kany Gallery. Copenhagen. DENMARK
  • Black Pop Art Gallery. Copenhagen. DENMARK
  • Galleri Scandinavia. Goteborg. SWEDEN


  • Vasa Konsthall. Goteborg. SWEDEN


  • Sala Fundacion Caja Vital Kutxa. Vitoria. SPAIN
  • Galleri Scandinavia. Goteborg. SWEDEN
  • Gallery (st)ART.Antwerpen. BELGIUM


  • «Kunst og Handverk messen». Lillestrom. NORWAY
  • a r t n o r d i c kunstformidling. Halden. NORWAY
  • «Affordable Art fair» Westergasfabriek. Amsterdam. HOLLAND
  • Fredrikstens Fastning . Halden. NORWAY
  • Galleri Scandinavia. Goteborg. SWEDEN
  • Hotel Termes Montbrio Montbrio del Camp. Tarragona. SPAIN
  • Galleri Miva. Malmo. SWEDEN
  • Centro Cultural Tomas y Valiente. Madrid. SPAIN


  • Iconoplastica. Galeria PC 177. Barcelona. SPAIN
  • Galleri Scandinavia. Goteborg. SWEDEN
  • Cosmonautas. Galeria PC 177. Barcelona. SPAIN
  • Hotel Eurostars Barvera Park. Barvera del Valles. Barcelona. SPAIN